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    No 1.

    The samurai intuition test
    ?Listen to your instant emotional reaction to an idea. Notice what your gut says before your brain starts rationally constructing an opinion. Intuition is extremely powerful and frequently our initial gut reactions to an idea are correct – so use them. After all, a positive, emotional gut reaction to our comms is precisely what we want from our audience. The samurai believed that every decision, no matter how important, should be made within three breaths. What did you think of the idea after three breaths?

    重 視你聽到這個創意的時候你當下的情感反應是什么。在你腦子轉起來試圖捋順或組織這個創意之前,請先注意一下你肚子里的直覺。直覺有著強大的力量并且在大部 分時候,第一反應很正確,所以,好好利用你的直覺。一個積極的,富有情感的第一反應對我們來說正是我們想要從觀眾那獲取的東西。將軍們相信他們的每一個決 定,不論多重要的,都應該在喘三口氣的時間內做決定。

    ?No 2.
    The Chinese meal test
    ?Conversely, also pay attention to what sticks in your brain long after the meeting. Some ideas can be like a Chinese meal – filling at the time, but you’re hungry half an hour later.

    Which ideas give you indigestion? Which ones won’t leave you alone? When you tell someone about the ideas, which ones do you remember most clearly? The reason why many people need to “sleep on it” after a presentation of ideas is that some distance helps you to discover which ideas refuse to be forgotten, and they are exactly the ones you want.


    No 3.
    The irritation test
    Does the idea piss you off?  Do you actively dislike it? Do you feel like there’s something wrong with it? Often it’s the ideas that at first make us really uncomfortable that are the true game changers. An idea that irritates, that rubs you up the wrong way, that seems like precisely the wrong way of answering the brief can be the most powerful and successful one you’ve got.??


    ?No 4.
    The fore head slap test?
    Truly great ideas can often be a “blinding glimpse of the obvious”. A simple truth, insight or observation delivered in an interesting way is always going to be more powerful than a complicated “clever” concept. Ideas like this invariably seem too obvious at first. But if everyone in the room is thinking “Surely someone must have done this before?” or “It’s been staring us in the face all along”, then you are onto something.

    真正好的創意通常是瞎子都能看到的。一個簡單的真理,觀點或者是通過一個有意思的表達來說明觀察到的東西,比一個復雜的所謂聰明的概念要好。像這 樣的創意一開始總是被認為太顯而易見,但是如果這屋里有人在想“以前肯定有人做過”,或者是“這創意似曾相識”,這也許是個好創意。

    No 5.
    The how are we going to cheat research to get this trough test?
    In an increasingly research-heavy industry, it can be tempting to make the top priority finding an idea that will “sail through research”. The problem is that if an idea is easy to research, then it is probably fitting an existing formula, and formulaic advertising is well… formulaic (remember that Seinfeld, Star Wars and the Beatles all bombed in research). If, however, your reaction to an idea is “How the hell are we going to test this?” then you may have your hands on something genuinely new and exciting.

    在一個調查研究扮演越來越重要角色的行業,最優先找到創意的途徑可能會是在調查研究的沖浪中找到創意。問題是一個創意能簡單的靠調查研究得出,他 也很可能適合一個已經存在的公式,大家都知道公式化的廣告…但如果,無論如何你對于一個創意的反應是,我們竟然能他媽的測試這個?那么,也許你手上有 一些巨新巨興奮的東西。

    No 6.
    The Chuck, Shag or Marry test
    ?Creatives are a promiscuous bunch and can be guilty of falling in love with ideas that, whilst fun for a single execution, are only ever going to be that. Brand managers on the other hand can often help by looking for the long term idea. Would you take the idea home to meet the parents or is it just a one-night-stand? The best ideas should be ones that you’d be happy for your brand to be married to for years and years, not just a fling – however seductive they might seem.


    No 7.
    The is it telling the truth or just not lying? test?
    Good ideas are honest and tell the truth in an unexpected and delightful way. The worst kind of marketing tells lies. In the middle, however, are all of the average ideas which, whilst not lying, often aren’t telling the truth either. Instead, they are just meaningless noise that will soon be forgotten. Remember that an ugly truth is often far more powerful than a beautiful lie. Is there an honest insight or truth at the heart of the idea? Is that truth being presented in a way that feels unexpected and surprising? If so, it could be great.

    最差的市場營銷是說謊;中等的都是一些一般的創意,不說謊,但通常也不說真相,這些通常都是沒什么意義的也很容易被人們忘記的。請記住,就算一個 很丑陋的真理也比一個很美的謊話更強大。你這個創意的核心是不是一個很真誠的觀點或真理?這個真理被用一種出人意料的方式表達出來了嗎?如果有,可能是個 很好的創意。

    No 8.
    The Oh boy is Rover going to get it tonight test
    ?Do you just like the idea or are you just envious of it? Are you intimidated by or jealous of the people that came up with it? Do you find yourself thinking “Bloody hell, I should be working for them”? Creatives talk about the “Kick the Dog” ideas – the ones that, when you hear about them, you go home and kick the dog in frustration that you didn’t come up with them. Does the idea make you think, “Man, I wish I’d come up with that”? If so, it’s probably pretty good.


    No 9.
    The Delete of forward test?
    If you were sent the ad by a friend would you e-mail it to your other friends??Or would you not want to be the guy that sends round the average forwards? And if you wouldn’t forward the idea on, why should anyone else? Remember that “viral” isn’t a noun, it’s an adjective, and any truly good idea should be powerful enough to be passed around by it’s audience. If it isn’t, then it isn’t that good an idea,


    No 10.
    The Camden market t-shirt test
    ?Is it culture or is it just an ad? The best campaigns cross over from the world of marketing and become part of culture. Can you see the knock-off T-shirts that reference your campaign being sold at market stalls, the catchphrase being repeated in school yards or in the football stands, the conversations in bars, or the YouTube parodies? If not, then the ad is just an ad, and thus wallpaper.


    No 11.
    The did it scare the straight man? test?
    If everyone in the room is comfortable with the idea, then it can’t be very good. If it doesn’t make the boss raise an eyebrow, doesn’t make your palms sweat at the prospect of presenting it on, or is too respectful of your product or brand, then it probably isn’t a good idea. The best ideas are scary, disrespectful and irreverent. They are honest about the relationship real consumers have with your brand, say something dangerous or provocative. This is what makes them famous and effective. If everyone’s comfortable, then the idea doesn’t have any edge.

    如果不能讓老板眉頭皺起來,不能讓你在陳述的時候手心出汗,或者太是那個品牌或者產品期待的東西,不是好創意。最好的創意總是很嚇人,出人意料 的,天馬行空的。敢于坦誠于你的產品(或品牌)和他的消費者的關系,可能是危險的或者是挑釁的。這樣才會讓這個品牌很有效快速的出名。如果對于這個創意, 每個人都感覺舒服,那這個創意沒什么意思。

    No 12.

    The Bill Hicks was wrong test
    ?Will your wife and kids be proud of you for making the idea happen??Will you be proud of yourself? Will you tell your friends that you’re responsible for the idea happening? If not, don’t buy it. The best ideas (marketing or not) enrich the world in some way. Does this? Bill Hicks once said that everyone who works in advertising or marketing should kill themselves as they are only making the world worse. 90% of advertising seems to prove him right. Does this idea prove him wrong?




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